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  • DSC02291
  • Kona helps tie-up the White Coral
  • Lonnie and Kona
  • Kona ties up the White Coral with Dad
  • The Aster K Gang
  • Three generations of longshore
  • Slingman leaves for a break
  • Working on the ship's deck
  • On top of the world
  • Crane operator loading logs into the hatch
  • In the vessel hold
  • Longshore worker signals the operator
  • Kona helping with the vessel tie-up
  • Crane operator moves cargo into the hatch
  • Dock workers volunteer to load aid cargo
  • Vessel foreman supervises loading
  • Getting pallets ready to load
  • Longshore workers on the vessel deck
  • Longshore workers pause for a picture
  • Longshore workers on a log vessel
  • Longshore workers move across the logs
  • Longshoremen operating the vessel cranes
  • Loading a log vessel
  • Kona
  • Longshoremen working in the vessel hold
  • End of the day shift
  • Longshore dock workers

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